Kickstarter founder’s opinion on the next generation entrepreneurs

Turning into a successful entrepreneur is not going to be like a whimsical “Cinderella type” story! You cannot expect a fairytale grandma to offer you a ride all the way to your dream goal. But, that does not mean it is very difficult to be successful in the industry. Kickstarter’s founder Charles Adler says he is not one of those famous and rich tech savvy guys. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur whose focus is only on money, you are not going to succeed anytime sooner. In fact, most of the entrepreneurs do not succeed and Charles’s ultimate aim was not to make money but it was to empower people around him. He even recollects finding Kickstarter was the greatest milestone in his life.

Money should not be the ultimate goal as it is not going to help you in the longer run. Your passion and dedication are going to determine your future in the tech industry. Charles never gave up his dream no matter what and worked very hard to build Kickstarter. He is not a part of Kickstarter anymore but that does not mean he has lost his interest towards technology. He has other plans and wants to make time for his lovely family (simplicity speaks!). He is currently working on a project that is similar to Kickstarter and he is also inspiring several entrepreneurs. You could be the next Charles Adler or the “techie genius”, but your focus should be on empowering people around you!

Adding tiers to your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is raising money for a cause or an event by involving a large number of people.Different types of people and approaches constitute each of the three tiers. Involving more tiers and people increases the donations and reach of the campaign.
The success of crowdfunding depends on how persuasive the idea of campaign is to the donor.Funds are gathered for devolping a personal idea or for a public issue
Tier 1: Crowdfunding site
Crowdfunding site hosts the description of the campaign, photos and social media integration.Details of the fundraising goal, deadlines and the impact.This approach is best suited for first time campaginers with limited resources and donors.
Instead of building crowdfunding sites from the scratch you can also get yourself registered at a crowdfunding site.This helps you to get in touch with lot of potential donors.
Tier 2: Personal fundraising
When individuals are raising funds for the campaign its personal fundraising.As an organizers share your messages and goals to the individual’s involved.These individuals rope in more people taking the campaign forward
Tier 3: Team fundraising
When the campaign needs to reach far and the goal building teams is essential.The teams needs to be well informed about the goals and trained on fundraising.This approach works well with campaigns with personal stories and when people can identify with the cause.
Keep your team leaders involved about how well the campaign is going.This keeps the zeal in them going and the goal is reached soon.
Each tier has its own reach and approach.Using the required strategy for the campaign is upto the organizer.Though all these tactics can increase the number of supporters it all boils down how well you pitch your idea and its genuinity.

Some ways to grow your nonprofit campaign donors

There are many ways to raise funds and a few of them are infamous and underrated as well. Social media platform plays a crucial role in promoting ever other crowdfunding campaign. Facebook and Twitter are famous social media sites to raise funds for nonprofit campaigns. You could make use of email and traditional posts to send out invites to the public and the donors. Make sure your startup and Kickstarter video has an impressive storyline to impress the backers.

If you want donors to contribute for your campaign, get familiarized with bike-a-thons and walkathons. Do not have second thought on spending some extra bucks to make the promotional events a grand success. If you are clear headed with a readily made up plan, there is going to be a massive difference in your nonprofit campaign. There is another fun way to raise funds for your campaign and that is themed runs! It is a lot different from the so called “traditional-runs”. You can grab attention from your generous donors by hosting such events. You could also team up with some huge names in the industry to publicize your campaign’s motives. These are some of the ways to promote your nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns and grow your donors’ database.

PR Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

The press release is very useful to the world where it creates public awareness about the brand behind the crowdfunding campaign, even if it is a personality or a company.

One of the expensive ways to release a press release can be achieved through Newswire. Paid press release use one Newswire to get spread the news, but crowfund buzz submits every press release to three newswires that increases the success of the crowdfunding campaign.

Even the clients in top three service tiers of crowdfunding buzz is enjoying targeted press release distribution to most media outlets that covers the news that press release talks about.

An efficient crowdfunding PR strategy must target specific communities, bloggers and journalists that appropriate to your campaign.

First of all try to have a strong bonding with the journalist and bloggers through Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ and through various websites they use. Many people share everything about the product to a member in the media without having proper bonding with the journalists and bloggers. In order to build a bond with them retweet their tweets, like their posts, send email and respond to their questions. By doing you started to bond with them at some level which lets you the path for success.

Explain the bloggers about your campaign and how it could benefit them. You can add a link to your campaigns through guest posts, where you will get popular with the links you get for crowdfunding campaigns.

Create an attractive landing page and enable accessibility to your published press release as most of the influences will be curious about the publication where your project featured.

Crowdfunding success on Kickstarter is not a walk in the park

A crowdfunding campaign is definitely not an easy job because it could be a bumpy ride throughout the journey. Hundreds of campaigns are launched every day and not all of them succeed. According to a survey, more than half of the projects that are launched fail miserably, but that does not mean it is an impossible task either. You need to stay determined throughout the process and most importantly, plan up way before your project launch. Do not keep higher expectations because you may quit when your project fails to take a desired shape during the initial stages. A campaign may take a good shape either during the initial stages or during the crucial stages.  So do not get disheartened and call off your project when things do not fall in right places.

Some of you think having good Kickstarter start pages and videos are more than enough to hit the desired funding goals. But sorry to break it to you guys, it does not work that way, come back to reality from your fantasy world! You need to plan up and get busy with promotions in prior to your project launch. After all, you are not ONLY benefitted with the target funds, there is much more beyond that. You will be credited with backers, new customers and also tactics to stay longer in the industry. Hence, it is very important to stay passionate and committed to your campaign until the very end of the process. You may never know, your project could hit the funding goal way before the deadline and you can use the rest of the funds for more promotions. More promotions mean more success, so keep the momentum going and do not let go of your positive vibes no matter what!


Few Tips to Build Your Crowdfunding Campaign using Word press

You can able to set a low cost crowdfunding campaign using the Word press, if you are capable to host projects, accept pledges and integrate with payment providers.

Here are some simple steps to build a crowdfunding platform using Word press:

Register a domain:

The first step involves registering a domain with different host names like .com, .cc, .net and .org. When comparing with others, the highly recommended domain name is .com. Mention some domain names with friends to make sure that they can remember it easily. It is safe to use a domain name which may match the keyword user might type in search engine to get into your site.

Choose a host provider:

You can use Go Daddy and 1& to for registering domain name. After registering your domain name, choose a hosting provider to host your website. The main thing you need to do is to show off the purchased domain name to your hosting provider.

Install Word press:

After pointing your domain name with the hosting provider, install Word press on your hosting account.

Set up a theme:

After your Word press installation, upload a suitable crowdfunding theme with more functionality.

Create marketing strategy:

Some of the best ways for marketing include involvement in social media platforms, press release submission, leaving comments on blogs, hosting webinars and so on. Every marketing strategy involves outbound and inbound marketing. Outbound marketing involves advertisements and inbounds involves attract visitors through free resource, education and many more.

Ways to find the target audience for your campaign on Kickstarter


It is very essential to find the suitable audience to your campaign to reach your goal. Launch a kickstarter clone website with Fundstarter For a dream start to your crowdfunding campaign, make sure you have an eye grabbing Kickstarter page. Also, grabbing the attention of the target audience plays a crucial role in your project campaign. You will have to build a strong relationship with them in order to make them invest money in your project. The word “trustworthy” will make you survive in this industry, and do not make the crowdfunders to regret later. If the target audience backs off from your project, it is very difficult to get them back.

Being a part of online groups like public forums, LinkedIn, and twitter or a real life community would help you find the intended audience. Google alerts would help you stay updated with information on web that uses your project’s keywords. Promotion is an effective factor for media and so is for your crowdfunding campaign. Reach out to the famous bloggers to blog about your campaign and give post cards to people you know for a good campaign start.

Make use of Google search tools like Google Image Search and many more in order to know about the web contents, blogs and e-magazines that have used the keywords appropriate to your project. In this way, you can find out people who would be interested to fund for your project. Also, Zoplay would assist you in creating an effective impact on your project campaign.

How to post kick starter campaign updates


The important part of kick start campaign is communicating with the backers. By Communicating with backers, user can earn honest and frequent updates which will can help us improving the trust and respect of backers.

Wondering what to include in your updates????Here are some guidelines:

Release Date Of Mighty No:9-Regards

We have an important announcement to share with our backers.

We can able to understand that all  our backers will be eagerly waiting for the release date of Mighty No:9 ,so a release delay is going to  be announced soon for the game  at Game son  2015,which is currently being held in cologne, Germany.

You can update backers when

  • There is any change in the release date
  • Your project reaches its destination
  • In case if there is any delay

Updates are the main element to interact with backers. There may be some projects to do well without any updates but backers get involved more through updates. Through updates we can able to share our project to backers and we will get more attention for our project. Updates can be done efficiently without much effort.

What Should My Updates Be About?

Any topics can be included or excluded for an update. A project update can range from 0 to 20 times during the course of the campaign.

For Ex: PUGZ-wired ear buds

The project raised half or its entire funding goal.

Thank you all for your support!

We reached $50,000 in just 8 hours. This is happening just because of you. We thank you all from the bottom of our heart!!

For ex: Fishbone supporters

Hello Fishbone Supporters!!

We had reached half of our funds by the support of more than 500 Fishbone supporters, so we are very excited about our progress. Hope we will be receiving the same support from your side until we reach the destination. Thank you all our backers!!

Post Campaign Update

We can update about the project even after the completion of campaign in order to keep the backers up-to-date with the progress of the campaign.

Important points to remember:

Notify backers about new funding opportunities

Redirecting backers to the website of your campaign

Updates are the main thing to make backers aware of our project. Posting funny anecdote will drive backers to come back to your page.

Tips for starting an equity crowdfunding platform


There are many American startup companies that are growing up in a jet speed manner. Face book, Instagram are some of the most powerful and influential sites that have captured millions of hearts from around the world. They were initially startup companies that only few knew, but now with the help of crowdfunding via internet and other media, they have achieved the place that is surreal!

A well planned research should be conducted on major players!                                 

There are many equity based platforms out there. Some of them are Crowdfunder’s, Circle Up. Crowdfunder’s main target is Investors. It is in need of investors provided there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there, whereas CircleUp focuses on more established businesses rather than startups. One should keep in mind that focus on marketing messaging and venture changes every now and then.

Research on crowdfunding industry is a must do!

This gives you a clearer picture of the crowdfunding industry and makes you stand out amongst an immense number of equity based platforms. You’d also be seeded with ideas regarding the number of entrepreneurs and the different types of entrepreneurs.

The so called “80/20 principle” should be brought to focus!                                                

 It is stated as 80% of results come from 20% of work you put in or the inputs. It can also be said in a way that the less amount of time spent in venturing will help you focus more in work. Mark Zuckerberg focused on the right things that mattered and because of that he gained a fruitful victory. And hence stop investing time on venturing and get on to the next level by investing it on right things!

Always evaluate your venture’s funding situation!                                                            

The longer you put off raising money and startup the venture, the more time you will have to outlive the competition. The pressure of having to invest capital to work and get a ROI for the investors will be less.

Steps to make your platform go viral

  • The investors would go tell other investors about the deals on your platform.
  • As a result of the previous successful product usage, the investors will invest in the next startup.
  • A funded good message will fetch you investors.
  • Repeat purchase or use will also fetch you investors.

The early adopters should always be remembered!                                                          

You will be able perform better with less, and also have more targeted marketing messages and build up your credibility by focusing on a niche with a larger market place.

Try to know people who have vested interest in your success!                                        

You will have to begin by knowing others in the entrepreneurship, tech startup before trying to know score a hit in a major media publication.

Ways To Avoid Crowd Funding Scam

funding scam

Crowd funding is to help new technologies and creative projects to secure financing, but there are also some bad aspects. The first aspect is, projects are not as they appear, so creators are dissatisfied and scams do occur.

There are a few ways to identify scams which are very helpful and be sure to look into some warning signs we have identified when looking through crowdfunding projects.

  1. Blog the Project and Creator

This is the simplest way which will prevent you from being sucked into a scam. Find, if the creator or the project is having any nefarious actions in the history. Check what others have said about the project before backing a project.

  1. Findout unrealistic promises

Unrealistic promises indicate that the creator has not correctly identified the costs of fulfilling their reward. If you have identified a possible flaw with the campaign, bring it to light in the comments section or through direct message so that the creator can clear it up. If they skip from answering, it indicates that the project is not all that it appears.

  1. Verify need based campaigns

Need based campaigns are typically on personal fundraising websites. The creator might be asking for help with medical bills, horrible accident or unexpected costs which will be disgusting but some people do take advantages of the emotions to scam donors.

Do your best to verify that the event actually happened, before donating money to a stranger’s cause-related campaign.

  1. Look into other backers

In some cases, Inorder to make their product popular, Campaign will pay for the backers to create an illusion that their project is trusted by others.

By having social proof ,it might be easier for a scammer to deceive you to part with your hard-earned dollars, so take a second to check what other people have commented to see if there is any weird things.

  1. Search Product Images

Another technique that creators use to deceive backers has been to take products from Alibaba and using crowd funding platform as an e-commerce store. Before backing a project ,do a quick Google search to check if there are corresponding images in Alibaba or other sites. If the product is questionable you can post it on kickstarter subreddit to check if anyone else recognizes it elsewhere on the web.

  1. Report it

If you think you have found a scam, report it. Here are some few places that you can report:

  • Kick scammed
  • The platform’s customer support email
  • KickstarterForum
  • Gizmodo
  • CrowdfundingForum
  • Ripoff Report